The Landau...   "Top-Of-The-Line" transportation products are always a marvel to see, especially when a particular model may be unique to its series.  The Landau was a classic example of "state-of -the-art" design for its era and was a true showcase for craftsmanship.
   The unit within our collection has been restored to its original state and offers the same luxury of ride and appearance as it did over 100 years ago.  With a ride as smooth as butter, along with having a "convertible" top to boot, this unique carriage style is an excellent choice for parades and civic showcases.

The Roch-A-Way...  Incredibly well built, this livery "work-horse" from the past provides a wonderful level of comfort and security found only in the higher-end coaches and carriages of its day.
   Developed around the turn of the 20th Century, this Post-Victorian coach was simple in design, however possessed many desirable features. Without the flare of what would be considered "Royal" coach types, it provides the same quality of comfort and is especially good with the outside elements.
   All told,... this coach symbolizes the utilitarian glamour of its era, a time in history where high speed trains, Trans-Atlantic Ocean Liners, the Automobile and Airplane would soon change the concept of transportation forever. This unit is perfect for literally any parade, event or display you can possibly think of to captivate the look and feel of its time.