With the Largest Working Collection of Authentic Antique Horse-Drawn Livery Vehicles in the United States, we've kept a time-honored tradition alive for all who desire the look and feel of true elegance.
   From Buck-Boards, Hay Wagons, Freight Wagons, Surreys, Hansom Cabs, Delivery Wagons, Stage Coaches, Hearses,... even Chariots and Sleighs, we provide the real thing,... horses, handlers, drivers and all!

The Collection,...
   The Collection itself is based on over 100 original pieces including our magnificient C-Spring Victoria, originally owned by Andrew Carnegie, King Oscar of Sweden's private coach, our original Wells Fargo Stage Coaches,... just to name a few. All are kept in tip-top working condition,... ready for scheduling for whatever kind of event you could possibly think of.

Reliable Service,...
   With National Broadcast TV (Morning Shows, News, Soaps, etc.), Film Makers, The Opera, Civic Events, Weddings and Funerals,... we're known for being the best 
industry source for reliable service, quality product,... along with experienced support staff.  As an industry leader for providing Horse-Drawn Livery Services, we offer all customers the highest level of safety and professionalism for any event or appearance scheduled.
   To us, a job is not just "a job",... it is a moment scrutinized for every detail, the same as it was done over 100 years ago, to afford the best experience of its kind to be found anywhere.

To see some of our more popular units ...
   As pretty as the perfect picture,... the "Perfect" Haywagon, Surrey, Wagonette, Horse, Pony or Donkey has "that special something" that only you can define as "your type" of preferred unit or draft animal for the event or occassion you're planning.  So,... we have now provided for your review an assortment of products, all possessing their own unique charm and elegance.
   To go to the section of choice simply click on any of the products or departments listed within the panel to the left.  If you don't see what you want,... click on "Contact Us", fill out the form, click the "Send Email" button and we'll get right back to you.